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High Maltose Corn Syrup

High Maltose Corn Syrup is a food additive used as a sweetener and preservative. The majority sugar is maltose i.e. containing at least 50% maltose. It is less sweet than high fructose corn syrup, and contains little to no fructose. It is sweet enough to be useful as a sweetener in commercial food production. High Maltose syrup is derived from refined starch by double enzymatic process. Most of the high-speed confectionery molding lines uses High Maltose Corn Syrup due to its low viscosity. Candies produced with High Maltose Corn Syrup are bright, transparent and smooth in texture. It has the characteristics of soft, sweet, fine taste, stable at high temperature. It improves flavor, body and texture at high sucrose replacement levels while transmitting resistance to moisture absorption, color formation and crystallization in finished products such as hard candies.


Because it is not very sweet it is of limited use as a sweetener in its own right.

Food Industry

  • It is less humectant than other sugars, so it can be used as a coating in candies and is less inclined to become sticky.
  • It feeds yeast and assists with baking and rising of bread.
  • It is used in the brewing industry.
  • It has a lower freezing point than other sugars and so is useful as an ingredient in frozen foods.
  • It acts as a preservative; it prolongs the shelf life of products.