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Dextrose Syrup

Dextrose Syrup (Liquid Dextrose) are purified and concentrated, nutritive carbohydrate syrup with sweet in taste. Dextrose Corn Syrup is low ash, dematerialized corn syrup with a high dextrose content. These syrups comprise minimum dextrose content of 85% to 99% (On dry substance basis). The Dry substance of these syrups range from 60% to 70%. They syrup are sweet, easy to ferment and therefore often used as sugar substitute. It is ideal for applications requiring high fermentability and sweetness, it can also be used in certain places where dextrose crystallization is not a concern.


Food Industry

Dextrose Syrup is used to make jellies and jams. Its property of fermentability makes it more suitable for bewering industry or where high fermentation is required.

Pharma Industry

Its high DE content makes it suitable for Pharma Industry.